Scents Of Italian Renaissance Love Story In The Middle Of Tbilisi

Scents Of Italian Renaissance Love Story In The Middle Of Tbilisi

The FINANCIAL -- Pantheon Roma, Italian niche perfume brand presented its amazing, truly Italian scents in front of Georgian media representatives last week. L'AROME BOUTIQUE, niche perfume store, located on newly renovated Marjanishvili street hosted an amazing presentation of Pantheon Roma perfumes.

With his very Italian accent and charisma Leone Fadelli, representative of the brand traveled the invited guests to an amazing journey of Pantheon Roma scents.

“Pantheon Roma is inspired by the most beautiful story of the Italian Renaissance. The story is delightful and tells of Raphael Sanzio who, when called to Rome by the Pope to paint his apartments, finds himself moving among the grandest aristocracy of the time, becoming betrothed to marry Maria, niece of Cardinal Medici. But Raphael falls helplessly in love with Margherita, daughter of a baker in the Trastevere district,” Leone Fadelli said.

“Forbidden love, given their comparative difference in wealth, which is consumed in the garden behind her father’s bakery. And theirs is such a great passion that after a fiery night with Margherita, Raphael falls ill and dies a few days later. He is buried in the temple of the Pantheon – the only artist to receive such an honor. Margherita closes herself in a nearby convent to remain close to him and as a declaration of her eternal love for him. This story is so beautiful and powerful that it has been told with perfumes that can re-evoke memories and feelings like few others,” Leone Fadelli told the guests.

The Pantheon Roma line comprises of seven pure Extraits de Parfum; RAFFAELLO It’s a men’s and unisex fragrance, intriguing and mysterious, has the soul of a creative, bewildered, refined artist. Notes: Absinthe, Leather, Wood.

DONNA MARGHERITA Warm, sensual, seductive and harmonious, charming and irresistible; like an inquisitive, attractive woman: soft and strong. Her smile is hard to resist. Notes: Tuberose, Jasmin, Lily of the valley.

IL GIARDINO Green woody and slightly pungent yet at the same time harmonious. It expresses the profile of a person who is distinguished and delicate, sincere and spontaneous, but also deep and thoughtful. Notes: Ivy, Lichens, Wood, Floral bouquet. NOTTE D’AMORE Strongly passionate, provocative and fascinating. Precious and rare. TRASTEVERE Olfactory image, warm, gourmand and sensual. Strong and audacious soul.

Leone Fadelli presented two newest perfumes of Pantheon Roma as well. Dolce Passione,-Exquisite softness and elegance. Notes: Plain chocolate, Truffle, Honey, Vanilla, Red fruits, Tonka bean. Così Blu
The skies of the Renaissance evocative of liberty and mysticism. Ascending incense with a fresh liberated base. Notes: Absinthe, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Incense, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, Grey Amber, White Musk.

According to Fadelli, Dolce Passione is not just another gourmand fragrance, but something more: a masterpiece stimulating our senses. Deep sensuality of perfume is also visible in the new packaging: instead of signature gold Dolce Passione is now presented in fiery, provocative red box.

The composition is mainly built around the tones of dark chocolate, strenghten with the precious taste of white truffle. Other notes include hazelnut, honey, vanilla, strawberry and plum over warm tonka bean and white musk.

Pantheon Roma has found great idea to promote Dolce Passione – owners reached acclaimed master gelato and chocolate maker, artist of the “fifth taste” Paolo Brunelli to create spreadable chocolate cream with forest fruits accord, attractively presented in metal tubes evoking those used by painters.