Giorgi Margvelashvili – Divided Germany has become a strong, united nation, we hope a similar future for Georgia

Giorgi Margvelashvili – Divided Germany has become a strong, united nation, we hope a similar future for Georgia

Giorgi Margvelashvili – Divided Germany has become a strong, united nation, we hope a similar future for Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- "Germany has been a great supporter of Georgia for many years, and since the outset of our independence, the Germans have taken a leadership role to support our country's development. When we think about our future and our most problematic issues, we remember that Germany was divided and it became a united, strong nation, a leader of the European processes and determiner of a vision. 

"We hope a similar future for Georgia and we know that we have a best friend on this road like Germany ", - the above mentioned statementwasmade by the President of Georgia at the meeting with the Federal Chancellor of Germany.

Angela Merkel pointed out at the meeting with the President of Georgia that she fulfilled her promise and visited Georgia: "I promised you several times and eventually, I could keep my promise, though I know that it took a lot of time and I am pleased to see Georgia on the road of improving democracy and economic conditions. I think you have achieved a great deal of progress over the last ten years. "

The main topic of the visit was the situation in Georgia's occupied territories, security issues and Russia's policy toward Georgia. The discussion touched upon the issues on strengthening defense capabilities of Georgia as the intensive cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany in terms of defense is underway and will further strengthen Georgia's democracy.
After completion of the meeting, the National Security Council secretary Davit Rakviashvili stated that Angela Merkel clearly spoke about occupation of

Georgia as in the context of problem as well as a terminology.

In accordance to the Chancellor, Germany is a participant in resolving Georgia's problems and in order to confirm this tomorrow she will visit an occupation line, in the conversation it was clearly emphasized that without any interpretation it is unacceptable what happened ten years ago and that Germany would never adjust this.

“Merkel unambiguously talked that Germany would make every effort in order to stop what was being done by the occupation regime,to improve the conditions of local population and they would do the best to resolve this historical injustice”, - said Davit Rakviashvili.

The parties discussed on a broad spectrum of agenda between Georgia and Germany at the meeting:issues of bilateral relations – expansion of trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations. As well as the cooperation in multilateral formats: Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration and issues that would make relations more intensive between Georgia and Germany.

The meeting was attended by the German State Secretary, Head of the Federal Department of Press Steffen Zaiberti, German Ambassador of Georgia Heike Paichi, Chancellor's Advisor in Foreign and Security Policy, Jan Hekeri, Chancellor’s Advisor in Economic and Financial Policy issues Lars Hendrik Roeleri, Chancellor’s Advisor in European Policy issues Uve Korsepiusi, the Head of South CaucasusDivision Matthias Liutenberg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkaniani, Head of the President's Administration Giorgi Gabashvili, the National Security Council Secretary David Rakviashvili, the International Secretary of the President of Georgia Tengiz Pkhaladze, Ambassador of Georgia to the Federal Republic of Germany Elgudja Khokrishvili.