Georgian Women Marry Turkish Men the Most, Interracial Marriage Statistics Show

Georgian Women Marry Turkish Men the Most, Interracial Marriage Statistics Show

The FINANCIAL -- Out of the number of Georgian women who marry a foreign groom, the majority choose a Turkish spouse, according to statistics of the Public Service Development Agency. The Agency’s latest data also shows that more Georgian women get married to foreign men than Georgian men marry foreign women. According to the data of the last three years, in terms of foreign wives, Georgian men are marrying Ukrainians the most [572 Ukrainian women have wed Georgians so far from 2016-2018].

A total of 1 092 mixed marriages were registered in Georgia in 2016. 1 058 were registered in 2017 and 758 mixed marriages have already been registered this year according to statistics from the first half of 2018.

A total of 481 Georgian women were married to foreign men and 277 foreign women to Georgian men this year.

Georgian men mainly marry Ukrainians, while Georgian women mainly marry Turks compared to other foreign nationals. 237 Georgian women married Turkish men in 2018 and 146 Georgian men married Ukrainian women. Compared to last year’s data it is obvious that more and more Georgians are choosing Turks and Ukrainians to be their spouses. 308 marriages between Turks and Georgians were registered in 2017, which is 4.64 percent lower than the year 2016’s data.  226 marriages between Ukrainians and Georgians were registered in 2017 which is 13% percent higher than the year 2016’s data. 237 and 146 marriages have already been registered between Turks and Georgians and Ukrainians and Georgians which is more than half compared to the last two years.

According to the statistics of 2018, after Turkey and Ukraine comes Iran and Germany for the biggest number of marriages between Georgian men and foreign women and vice versa. Already 57 Georgian women have got married to Iranian men and already 32 Georgian men have got married to German women this year.

The statistics of Georgian men’s marriages to other countries’ citizens is as follows: 17 marriages to Greek women; 14 – to Lithuanian women; 13 – to Irish women; 11 – Latvian women; 6 – Estonian and British women; 5 – French women; 4 – Belgian, Turkish and Polish women; 3 – Cypriot women; 2 – Swedish and Hungarian women; 1 – Czech, Finn, Slovak, Dutch, Irish and Bulgarian women.

As for Georgian women getting married to foreign men, after Iran another of the biggest number of mixed marriages is between Georgian women and Greek men. 49 Georgian women married Greek men in 2018; 31 – German men; 21 – Ukrainian men; 17 – British men; 10 – French men; 9 – Italian men; 8 – Lithuanian and Dutch men; 6 – Austrian men; 5 – Belgian men; 4 – Swedish men; 3 – Spanish men; 2 – Bulgarian, Irish, Latvian, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovak men; 1 – Czech , Finn, Hungarian and United Arab Emirates men.

Statistics of the Public Service Development Agency show that in 2018, the number of people that are registered in Tbilisi and still have active registration is as follows: 14 229 Georgian citizens and 6 607 foreigners.