Bricorama – Presenting European standard materials

Bricorama – Presenting European standard materials

The FINANCIAL -- Shaping market demand; promoting the creative freedom of being able to create one’s living place; teaming up with the leading Georgian companies and much more besides – are just a few of the achievements of the brand Bricorama. To gain further insights into the business, The FINANCIAL reached out to the company’s management.

Q. How long has Bricorama been operating on the Georgian market?

A. The hypermarket, with its 45 years of experience selling French building materials in the ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) format, has been operating on the Georgian market since 2016.

The DIY format bestows creative freedom on the owners, which greatly simplifies the process of building, house and yard arrangements and repairs. With the purchased materials, customers can participate in the creation of their own ‘dream space’. We have inspired and taught people to get involved in the process and have provided a variety of choices to simplify it.

Bricorama has been operating on the Georgian market for the last 3 years and we offer our customers 51,000 products that are united under four categories: construction; repair; yard; and decoration, which cover the following areas:

• Construction and repair materials;
• Heating and water supply;
• Plumbing and accessories;
• Facing materials;
• Electric and hand tools;
• Facilities for yard and garden maintenance and arrangement;
• Flooring and tiles;
• Varnishes;
• Electricity;
• Outdoor furniture;
• Wallpaper;
• Lighting;
• Decoration and more.

Q. How has demand been shifting over the years? How interested are Georgian households in purchasing DIY products?

A. We have always believed that the process is very satisfying, especially when it comes to the living space (interior design, wall colour, flooring, textile decoration and more). It is important to state that the process is much more than just about doing something with one’s own hands, but rather carries an idea of engaging in the creativity of shaping one’s own living place.

Merely 3 years ago, little to no one had the right information about the DIY format. Our researches have indicated numerous ‘misimaginations’ of a construction hypermarket. It was quite difficult to explain and position ourselves initially, but through our efforts, strategy, and persistent efforts, we can safely say that we have created the market demand.

Nowadays other hypermarkets have also moved to our format, which is a welcome development.

Q. Have you been working on any large projects or partnering with large Georgian or international household names?

A. We proudly celebrate our cooperation with almost all of the leading Georgian companies, including the banks and construction companies. The list of our corporate clients is growing hugely, simply due to the conditions that Bricorama offers.

Q. What is the quality of the materials you sell?

A. Quality stands as one of the most important components in consumer decisions. We can proudly state that 100% of the imported products meet the EU standard and are a replica of the goods presented in the European network. Every single product has undergone numerous quality and safety certifications, a very rare event for the Georgian market. Bricorama has also been controlling 80% of the local suppliers to meet the required standards.

Q. Why is it beneficial to visit Bricorama, what are the benefits of being a loyal customer?

A. Bricorama has managed to offer its customers a wide choice of products for the best prices in the city. There are always relevant offers on the products presented in our hypermarket, making shopping at Bricorama a convenient experience for those in need. Customers will be able to choose from pillows; nails; curtains; paints; bath accessories; doors; laminates; utensils; plates; construction and repair materials; cleaning products and many more.

Bricorama is proud to offer the lowest prices in any category of products, therefore challenges its customers to find any product equivalents for lower prices on the market, in the event of which the monetary difference will be doubled and accumulated on the customer’s store card.

The bonus card is a Bricorama loyalty programme that also offers 2.5% cashback on purchased products.

Q. Can a customer consult with an expert before purchasing?

A. All of our consultants have undergone various vocational trainings and received certificates in service alongside the complex Sales and In-house Training. The sales team is fully informed about the products on sale at Bricorama and are able to provide full support to customers. Bricorama constantly strives to increase the qualifications of its associates, therefore consultants