The FINANCIAL - Holovision – the future of advertising has arrived

Holovision – the future of advertising has arrived

Holovision – the future of advertising has arrived

The FINANCIAL -- The rapid rate of innovation of the 21st century keeps introducing products otherwise regarded as straight out of a sci-fi movie. The masters of 3D holographic projections under the brand Holovision have made quite a statement on the Georgian advertising market and yet again highlighted the endless possibilities of the technology of the future. The FINANCIAL reached out to them for further insights.

Q. How long has Holovision been operating on the Georgian market?

A. We have been successfully operating on the Georgian market for about 2 years as an official representative of the British company HYPERVSN. We are proud to present the world’s first Integrated 3D Holographic Display System that allows people to create, display and manage awe-inspiring 3D visuals perceived as holograms that are floating in mid-air.

Q. What is the technology that enables the projection of holographic images?

A. It is called HYPERVSN SOLO. This is a new generation LED-based device that produces exceptional 3D holographic visuals. The images are available in the dimensions of 56cm, in high-quality resolution with over 16 million colours. Four rays (lined with LEDs) spin and produce an image that seems to float in mid-air.

Q. Could you describe the events that have been supported by the company?

A. In the brief period of just two years we have managed to collaborate with food and beverage menu boards; retail (product promotions and apparel brands); activations (FMCG); shopping malls; the telecom industry; events; tradeshows; showrooms; OOH advertising car dealerships and much more. And we hope that the company will continue to offer yet more interesting co-operations in the future.

Q. Could you describe the level of awareness and willingness from event managers and designers to collaborate with Holovision?

A. Our product is innovative and extraordinary, so it takes time to become as established as other kinds of advertising, but over time the more that people collaborate with us, the more new potential clients are interested in us and want to do something new for their products, to do what no one has done before.

Q. Are the holograms interactive?

A. A 3D Holographic Display System is being further developed every single day. Apart from the general service, which includes incredible 3D visuals with eye-catching effects and various sizes of images, the technology is moving forwards and now you can be involved in the process, as our new solutions are: Product catalogue with gesture control; Voice commands or digital screens that control your holographic display; and Interactive holographic slot machines which we quite virally implemented in a casino advertising campaign.

Q. Could you describe the world’s hologram industry, how has it been changing and evolving?

A. A hologram is a physical structure that diffracts light into an image. You can see it in different movies and some documentary researchers, just a few years ago HYPERVSN was the first to introduce to the world that now the next generation of 3D advertising is here and we can take your business to the next level with 3D holographic solutions.

Q. What is the future for holographic technology? How might it affect society in the long term?

A. There are many common types of advertising that no longer surprise people. By using Holovision you can stand out from commercial clutter. We present a unique opportunity to captivate audiences. Holovision aims to help businesses make the most of their visual advertising, apply pinpoint targeting and break the mould with our proprietary 3D Integrated Holographic Display System. The 3D holographic system is the technology of the future, it can increase foot traffic & dwell time, trigger real emotions, boost sales & maximize returns, also capture attention – these would be the main points that we would love to highlight.

Q. Are there any non-commercial projects that the company is currently working on?

A. We have collaborated with the Wings for Life World Run. As a sporting activity, it was a great experience that yet again introduced our brand and the potential for 3D advertising.

Q. Who are the companies that you have worked with and what is their feedback?

A. We have already collaborated with leading local companies such as: Koda; Mildiani; Tsinandali Estate; Snickers; Vendoo; Crocobet; Natakhtari; Alma; Mercedes Georgia; Entrepreneur; McDonald’s Georgia; TBC Leasing, etc. This is in addition to the globals such as: Adidas; Puma; Coca-Cola; M&M’s; Red Bull; iPhone; Samsung; Audi; Renault; Volkswagen; Aston Martin; Hyundai; Mitsubishi; Louis Vuitton; Christian Dior; the Footlocker Network, and almost every international social brand. The trust they put in our brand to create unforgettable

By Gela Megeneishvili