Yushchenko ready to take tough measures

Yushchenko ready to take tough measures

The FINANCIAL -- According to an UNIAN, On November 25, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said he is ready “to take tough measures, if the Verkhovna Rada does not begin working.” According to Itar, Tass, Yushchenko made this statement live on the television channel 1+1 in reply to a question, whether he is ready to dissolve the parliament again, if the Supreme Rada does not form a ruling coalition for the period stipulated in the law.

“I am ready for further tough measures in order to ensure the work of parliament. The Verkhovna Rada should form a coalition and government. I believe in the democratic majority (the Yulia Timoshenko Bloc and the pro-presidential bloc Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defence),” Yushchenko emphasized.

The president indicated that the country lives without a working parliament for eight months. “Ukraine cannot live without a viable parliament. We will find the way to ensure the work of this democratic institution,” the president pointed out.

He said the political instability is the priority problem in Ukraine. “The Ukrainian parliament was and remains the reason for this instability,” Yushchenko believes.


“Therefore, people elected to the parliament should give a clear and full answer, firstly for the political stabilisation, secondly, for the formation of a coalition and, thirdly, for the formation of a government,” the Ukrainian president noted.