Yatseniuk: Speaker should consolidate parliament

Yatseniuk: Speaker should consolidate parliament

The FINANCIAL -- According to an UNIAN, people’s deputy, member of the OU – PSD faction Arseniy Yatseniuk is ready to hold negotiations with all factions of the Verkhovna Rada if the OU – PSD nominates him officially for the post of speaker, according to Our Ukraine’s web site.


He said this in the air of the First National TV channel, in the programme “Dilovyi svit” (“Business world”) on December 2.

“There is no official decision of the faction yet. Thus let’s wait until December 3-4  accordingly and then dot the i`s”, - he said.

“To my mind, under any conditions we should hold talks with all factions. I’m ready not to report, but to have a talk with all the factions – beginning from the PoR and to the Communists”, - Mr. Yatseniuk stated.

“The VR’s speaker is the person who has to try and consolidate the parliament and organize its work for the legislative branch to be really a branch of power not the one of political conflicts”, - he noticed.

Answering the question on what he will promise the factions for them to vote for him, Mr, Yatseniuk said that he would never promise anything at any post.

Mr. Yatseniuk noticed that it is extremely important for the speaker not to be too “politicized”. “A speaker couldn’t be a leader of half of the VR, he couldn’t be a person of narrow political interest”, - the people’s deputy emphasized.