Ukraine: terminals damage grain qualitative indices

Ukraine: terminals damage grain qualitative indices

The FINANCIAL -- Outdated technical equipment at the Ukrainian grain shipment terminals and elevators causes serious losses of grain qualitative indices during transportation, storage and loading works, declared Dmitry Dzhulinsky, Deputy Director on production of the Group of Companies Grain Capital, on June 5, according to APK Inform.

According to him, the current technical and technological renovation of the terminals remains short of the grain export growing rates.

D.Dzhulinsky noted that as a result, increasing of the volumes of grain transshipment causes its losses, due to the loss of quality. The terminal with an annual turnover of 2.2 mln tonnes loses nearly 3 thsd tonnes of grains per year, due to quality problems.

Also, the company representative added that if previously terminals used the technical equipment with the loading capacities of 500-1200 tonnes per hour, to date the terminals require the capacities of 1500-2000 tonnes. In addition, he recommended a number of measures to reduce grain losses, caused by the loss of quality.

The company plans to replace its technical equipment to safe ones (including belt conveyors), and avoid grain contacting with traumatic surfaces, apply the gentle unloading procedures, set the modern ventilation systems, he said.


Author: Temur Tatishvili