EU to support opening of “Corruption Park” in Ukrainian capital of Kyiv

EU to support opening of “Corruption Park” in Ukrainian capital of Kyiv

The FINANCIAL -- A new park explaining how corruption works will be opened in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on 1 June, as part of the EU’s Anti-Corruption Initiative in the country.

The goal of “Corruption Park” will be to highlight the problem of top-tier corruption and to explain how it works and who is involved in the fight against it, in an interactive format.

The park will be situated in the Hryshko National Botanical Garden, based in Kyiv, which will host nine inflatable tents with a total area of more than 700 sq m. Each tent will tell its own story, including the history of corruption as a phenomenon known even to the ancient Sumerians, major corruption schemes, and a large section featuring details about anti-corruption institutions.

The park will also feature artefacts from real criminal cases. Corruption Park’s final hall will be called ‘Our Dream Country’, demonstrating what Ukraine could become without corruption, according to the EU Neighbours portal.

“Young people are becoming more tolerant to corruption,” said Eka Tkeshelashvili, head of the EU’s Anti-Corruption Initiative, in her presentation of the project. “They don’t want to read long texts about anti-corruption investigations and dig deep into this problem. That is why we decided to talk to them in an interactive format, where we use images, virtual reality, 3D, interactive panels, and installations to explain not only how corruption works, but also what is being done in Ukraine to fight it.”

From above, the park’s design will resemble a lizard – a reptile which adapts easily to any conditions and can grow a new tail if it loses its old one. From up close, Corruption Park is reminiscent of large balloons, symbolising the empty promises that accompany corruption.