In 5-8 years, Ukraine to produce nearly 100 mln tonnes of grains

In 5-8 years, Ukraine to produce nearly 100 mln tonnes of grains

The FINANCIAL -- In the following 3-5 years, Ukraine has the ability to increase the general grain production to 80 mln tonnes, and in 5-8 years — to 100 mln tonnes, declared the President at the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS), Iaroslav Gadzalo.

According to him, Ukraine will manage to achieve such production volumes, in terms of realization of the Strategy of regeneration and development of irrigation and drainage systems until 2030, developed by experts of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

In particular, the issue is about modernization of 1.2 mln ha of irrigated systems and 1 mln ha of drainage systems, ensuring Ukraine to annually produce additional harvest volumes at nearly 135 bln UAH, including 8 mln tonnes of grains and 3.5 mln tonnes of industrial crops, according to APK-Inform.

It was noted that the project cost totals 4.2 bln USD. According to the NAAS calculations, the project will earn its keep in 4-6 years. To date, the country is looking for potential investors, said I.Gadzalo.

According to calculations and forecasts of the NAAS economists, in 2018 the general grain harvest in Ukraine will vary at the last year level.