GPC Intends Increase of Drug Stores with New Concept

GPC Intends Increase of Drug Stores with New Concept

GPC Intends Increase of Drug Stores with New Concept

The FINANCIAL -- “In the past pharmacies were associated with health care only, but today the situation has changed as pharmacies have become a part of people’s everyday lives. Pharmaceutical Company GPC is trying to develop this tendency and in the GPC net not only medical products, but hygienic, health and beauty care means are also widely represented,” David Kiladze, the Director of GPC Pharmaceutical Company declared to The FINANCIAL.




GPC was founded in 1995. The main activity of the firm is the importation and distribution of medicines and products of medical use. Since 1996 “GPC” has been actively taking part in the process of establishment of renowned foreign companies in the Georgian market. In 1997 GPC settled a contract with leading companies Pfizer, MSD, Schering Plough, Lek, and Merckle-Ratiopharm.
1998 - GPC began to develop its private drugstore network.

1999-2000 - For the first time in Georgia GPC established the practice of voluntary immunization and began to provide consumers with high quality vaccines of western manufacturers, produced by genetic engineering technology.

2001 - GPC enlarges its drugstore network and distribution area. According to the statistical data the import unit was increased by 82% in comparison with 2000.

2002 - GPC successfully executed the project of supplying the State Program “Additional medical service for rural population” with medicines. Over two months “GPC” provided all populated areas with medicines.

2003 - GPC moved to a new office. Structure of the company and staff significantly increased.
2004 - ERP-system (Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision) installed at the company; company market share on the Georgian pharmaceutical market exceeds 15%.

2005 - Company successfully implements new project of “Red A” - a franchising project of independent drugstores consolidated under the sign of “Red A.”

2006 - Company actively participates and wins the State Tender “Prevention and treatment of AIDS,” furthermore the company completely equips a DNA Laboratory of Medical Expertise with all necessary facilities.


Since its foundation, one of the strategic directions of GPC has been the introduction of high-quality medicines of western manufacturers and the latest technologies of service of the pharmaceutical branch in the Georgian market.


Currently, GPC is successfully cooperating with more than thirty leading pharmaceutical companies, including the following: Pfizer, MSD, Aventis Pasteur, Solvay, Beaufour-Ipsen, Ratiopharm, and Pliva.


Each year GPC is enlarging the spheres of activities. The company is importing not only medicines and products of medical use, but also baby care products, products of hygiene and beauty treatment.


gpc_director_1.jpg“Each person must begin to care about their health when s/he is healthy. In most European countries this concept is already established. GPC is trying to implement this tendency in Georgian society and to adapt it to the population. Health is valuable for people. Be healthy, it means looking beautiful, so people are starting to care about their appearances,” David Kiladze says.


“Medical cosmetics sold in the drug stores’ net are cosmetics which solve problems, while decorative cosmetics only cover up the problem for a time. Medical cosmetics are mostly produced by natural ingredients and are harmless to the health. Thus a person can improve their life quality with the help of modern cosmetic and medicine technologies. Improvement of life quality is the aim of contemporary pharmacology.”


According to Mr. Kiladze, GPC drugstores are different from its opponents’ drugstores.

“The first difference is that the companies’ pharmaceutical stores have a free format, which means that a customer has direct contact to the product of his/her needs. The second difference is that a large amount of medical cosmetic brands are represented in the net. All of them are characterised by high quality. These are the famous French brands: Vichy, Larose Cose Cosmetics, Galenic, and Klorane.


These cosmetics can be bought in any drugstore of GPC, having previously received the advice of an expert. It is the intermediate stage between usual and pharmaceutical means.


“Clinical researches and scientific development is a basis of creation of cosmetic means,” Kiladze says. “Their structure includes the components having a physiological effect on the skin and active substances which stimulate the processes of cellular updating: antioxidants, acids, and extracts of herbs.”


“Chemist’s cosmetics’ means are more often used not just for daily skin care rituals, but for the solving of certain problems. For example, these means are widely used for the care of very sensitive skin types, for problem skin treatment, a struggle with spots, and age attributes of withering or cellulite.

As a rule these products are not sold in cosmetic stores, as consultants’ prescriptions are very important. Different people have different types of skin. It is very important to choose the right product with the exact formula suitable to the particular skin type.”



GPC took part and won bids and tenders held by the State Unites Social Insurance Fund of Georgia, Georgian Health and Social Projects Implementation Centre, World Bank  programs and Hospital Restructuring Fund of Georgia.


Moreover, the company GPC successfully fulfilled the duties after winning tenders of different organizations like MIA, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Agriculture and National Bureau of Court Expertise of Georgia.


Since the brand’s origins in 1931, the Vichy Laboratories have held as part of their vocation to encourage men and women to take better care of themselves on a daily basis.


One of the new directions of the company is the import and implementation of nutritional supplements in the Georgian market.


Another novelty is the distribution of medical cosmetics far and wide in drugstores. In this direction, the first partner of GPC is the French laboratory VICHY.


VICHY products are sold only by drugstores worldwide.

The Vichy Laboratories have thus created a complete Vichy Thermal Water range stemming from pharmacological research. These products respect an ethical charter which guarantees their security.


Rich in 17 minerals and 13 trace elements, the Lucas source has the richest mineral content of all Vichy waters (5,1 g/l, pH 7,4. 27,30C). This water is found in all Vichy products. Clinical and biochemical tests have today confirmed its efficiency: Anti-irritant and soothing, it is a Neuro-dermatological, Skin defence stimulant.


Vichy products are available only at licensed pharmacies where you can obtain competent advice concerning your skin and the latest dermatological innovations at the pharmacy.


Vichy’s exclusive distributor in Georgia is Pharmaceutical Company GPC.


Furthermore, you can receive qualified consultations from a doctor-dermatologist regarding Vichy products.


CLIVEN L.C.A. Laboratori di Chimica Applicata srl produces a line of cosmetics, make-up and personal care items with the brand CLIVEN™ and has been one of the greatest Italian Chemistry Companies in the cosmetic field since 1958.


It is provided with the most modern productive technologies and the potential of its highly automatized structures makes L.C.A. the protagonist of cosmetic production in Italy. Its production is highly varied and includes the fullest range of items for personal care.


L.C.A. cosmetics are the result of constant research and testing. They are formulated using strictly controlled raw materials and active principles with full regard of the most demanding standards of purity and harmlessness in total observance of Italian and European laws.


Due to marketing and PR activities, turnover of the company increases each year. Up to date, GPC is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Georgia. According to the official statistical data, it holds third place on the market of our country.


Each year GPC is enlarging the sphere of its activities. Currently, GPC is not only importing medicines and products of medical use, but also baby care products, and products of hygiene and beauty treatment.


Since the year 2003 Company “GPC” founded “Pharmaceutical School” - study-retraining courses for pharmaceutical staff.
The aim of the school is to raise the skills and qualifications of the pharmacist already employed at our drugstores as well as in the “GPC” pharmaceutical warehouse. The school provides new pharmaceutical staff with a three-week study-training course and chosen candidates will be engaged in our drugstores.


GPC renders to consumers a qualified service, a wide range of products and high-quality medicines. A variety of products, a possibility of selecting the form of payment and ordering, a flexible policy of discounts, and a convenient schedule of product delivery corresponds to the requirements of consumers as much as possible.


The drugstore network of GPC includes 27 drugstores in Tbilisi. The company has 7 branch offices in different regions of Georgia. Along with its own drugstores, GPC cooperates with more than 330 different pharmacies.




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