Few Georgian Companies Follow CSR Principles, but Interest is Growing

Few Georgian Companies Follow CSR Principles, but Interest is Growing

Few Georgian Companies Follow CSR Principles, but Interest is Growing

The FINANCIAL -- In choosing the research topic, the main intended insight was the attitude of companies on the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this regard, it seems that most Georgian companies are delaying adapting to socially responsible principles.

CSR is not an obligation imposed by law. It is a goodwill or ethical act of a company, which can make even a small contribution to solving social, ecological or economic problems in the country.

To understand how Georgian companies are involved in CSR activities, The FINANCIAL conducted a questionnaire survey. The online survey consisted of 8 questions. It asked about CSR projects in the current year; the amount of money spent on their implementation; and future plans.

Out of 100 leading Georgian companies, 26 answered questions in the 2017 survey, and only 10 in the 2018 survey.

The main reason for refusal to participate was the absence of any CSR activities.

The aim of the survey was to find out the benefits currently being created for the community where the individual businesses operate.

Survey analysis

According to the responses, the purpose of CSR, to improve the social situations of employed people, is more or less achieved, or the company cares about improving this issue. More importantly, each of the companies surveyed said they have preliminary plans and budgets for the next year’s activities.

The results showed that only 8 have an independent CSR manager (non-compatible) position. In other cases CSR is managed by their HR department, Communications or Marketing manager.

When asked the question “name a company whose business model, in your opinion, provides the most benefits to society”, none of the surveyed companies responded.

The primary goal of the survey was more or less achieved. Participation in the research was based on the interests of the company. The goal of the research was to evaluate awareness of CSR at Georgian companies and the activities fulfilled.

The results showed that out of the 36 participating companies, 98% talked about projects implemented for environmental protection and energy efficiency, and 100% answered that the social conditions of their company’s employees had improved.

While company-based research requires much involvement and participation, we believe this particular opportunity was instrumental in making applicable concepts. Having a concrete project with tangible results in data collection made visible the assumptions, logic, and principles.

Written By Eva Bolkvadze, The FINANCIAL