Formula Gas to Expand in Georgia, Adding New Gas Stations in the Regions

Formula Gas to Expand in Georgia, Adding New Gas Stations in the Regions

Formula Gas to Expand in Georgia, Adding New Gas Stations in the Regions

The FINANCIAL -- Formula Gas, a Georgian company that provides gas stations in the capital Tbilisi, is continuing to expand further and improve its service.

Company Director Vakhtang Chakhnashvili said the year 2016 will be very interesting and full of new challenges.

“The number of our customers has been increasing day by day. Society is gradually understanding that natural gas is not only safe but it is also less harmful to the environment. This positive attitude towards natural gas consumption is reflected in the number of our customers and we will do our best to encourage this process and attract more and more customers with our improved service and increased number of gas stations,” said Chakhnashvili.

As of today Formula Gas is positioned with five gas stations in Georgia. The company is currently building its sixth gas station.

“In the future we plan to add new gas stations to Tbilisi as well as different regions of Georgia. We are currently in the process of selecting the right places for the new gas stations. We try to find the best locations and be closer to our customers,” Chakhnashvili said.

Formula Gas has just won the most influential business award in Georgia - Golden Brand - for the utmost success the company achieved in 2015.

“The year 2015 was very successful for our company, which is proved by the Golden Brand Award. Every day we work hard to provide high quality service and to take care of our customers. The main challenge in 2015 was to increase the company and offer innovative services to our customers, which we successfully achieved,” Chakhnashvili said.

“We are very thankful to the team behind the Golden Brand Awards for organizing such a high-level awards ceremony and for giving this award to us. For us Golden Brand is a sign of success,” Chakhnashvili said.

“The reason why we received Golden Brand is that we are an active, customer-oriented, high-quality company with the right brand, team and management,” he added.

Q. You have mentioned “high quality” several times. Based on what activities do you say that Formula Gas offers high quality service?

A. Taking care of customers is the main goal of our company. Our first step on the market was the informative campaigns that we launched in a bid to raise awareness of natural gas stations and their services to society. These informative clips also gave information to customers about the safety of gas-powered cars. The multilevel security system and high standards were also shown in the clips.

We meet international standards and strictly require that our employees who work at the gas stations obey the rules. At the same time we require the same behaviour from our customers. Otherwise the customer will have to leave the premises without receiving service.

Q. What are the safety rules that you require customers abide by?

A. The customer has to leave their car while our staff member is filling it up with gas. There is a special place where all passengers can stay and wait until their car is filled up.

Also the gas system and tank must be in good shape, otherwise, as I mentioned above, the customer will have to leave the premises without being served.

Q. How affordable are your services - I mean in terms of price and in terms of location as well?

A. Our service is accessible for customers living in Tbilisi, but very soon we will be represented in the regions as well.

As for the price, we do our best to offer customers very affordable prices and high-quality service.

Q. Formula Gas offers bonus cards and corporate cards to its customers. How many cards have you issued so far and how do these cards attract customers?

A. Yes, we offer the easiest and most useful way of benefiting from bonuses and this is our Formula Bonus Card.

Almost 1.5 percent of the money which the customer pays for filling up their car with our gas will be returned to the card as “molecules”. After collecting a certain number of molecules customers will be able to receive different services or gifts from one of our Formula Gas service centres.

We have issued 28,300 bonus cards so far.

As for the corporate cards, the rules are the same. Customers can ‘transfer’ purchased natural gas into bonuses on the card and then use them as they wish.

Our customers are very satisfied with this service and demand for the bonus cards is constantly increasing.

Q. What are the main demands of customers today?

A. Customers are becoming more and more demanding which means that things are developing in our sector. We take into account their demands and try to meet their wishes.

People mostly demand safety and accuracy.

Q. In general how safe is it in Georgia to fill up cars with gas and how do companies meet the safety standards?

A. Gas is absolutely safe if the pumping pressure is not overdone. In most other cases customers would be pleased to have their tank over-filled, but it is not safe as it increases abrasion of the system itself which is installed in the car.