Barambo Aims to Stimulate Sales by Increasing its Number of Loyal Customers

Barambo Aims to Stimulate Sales by Increasing its Number of Loyal Customers

Barambo Aims to Stimulate Sales by Increasing its Number of Loyal Customers

The FINANCIAL -- For people who crave the taste of chocolate and ice-cream, new sweet products from local chocolate-producing company Barambo could be the answer.

This year Barambo completely refreshed the taste of Barambo ice-cream, introduced some new products and new packaging to boot.

When natural low-fat dairy and crisp wafer harmonically blend with Belgian chocolate and ecologically clean fruit,this creates a pleasant taste, a unique experience and excellence; thusfulfilling consumers’ desires and satisfying all tastes.

Creme-Brule ice-cream ‘Burger’, ice-cream with rusk and chocolate named ‘Twins’, and Barambo Export vanilla ice-cream with chocolate grits - are the new ambassadors of Barambo in the ice-cream direction.

“Introducing the Barambo Export line was an important novelty for the Georgian market. Barambo was the first company to launch three varieties of ice-cream cake: Pannacotta with strawberry ice-cream topping, vanilla and caramel ice-cream, and ice-cream cake biscuit - Tiramisu, and many others,” said Tamar Nibladze, Head of Public Relations.

Meanwhile, Barambo also introduced new products in family packaging under the Barambo Export line.

“Creating a new line was a surprise for our customers. All the new products have been highly appreciated by them and gained popularity very fast. Every year we update the assortment. We care about our customers and want to maintain the leading positions on the market. We aim to stimulate sales volume further by increasing the number of Barambo’s loyal customers,” she added.

Sales of ice-cream make up 35 percent of the total volume of Barambo’s product realization.

Despite the difficulties in 2015 which were mainly caused by the devaluation of the national currency Georgian Lari (GEL), the year 2015 was a successful year for the company; Barambo increased its market share. Growth was seen in its sales volume as well. In addition, Barambo significantly expanded its chocolate range.

“Barambo made significant investments in producing sweets. We have introduced premium class black chocolate with walnut mousse, and black chocolate with Brownie mousse under the Barambo Export line. Meanwhile, white chocolate bar ‘Desirable’ under the Barambo Export line was also a new product introduced in 2015,” Nibladze said.

As a child-oriented brand Barambo has continued offering new flavours to its most loyal customers as well.

“In 2015 we added 100 percent natural milk chocolate ‘Barambino Peko’ to the children’s brand line Barambino. Another new product was also the chocolate ‘Bar-Time’ and new ‘Sezoni’ chocolate for those consumers who are fasting,” Nibladze said.

Barambo expanded its wafer production and added wafer cake ‘Harmony’ and mini-wafer Harmony with taste of biscottino.

Meanwhile, Barambo invested millions of Georgian Lariin adding new sweets in individual wrapping such as ‘Lugano’, ‘Queen’ and ‘Dolce’.

Nibladze promised that Barambo would continue such activities in 2016, offer new products to its consumers and expand its assortment. Barambo, the largest producer of quality chocolate confectionary and ice-cream products in Georgia, plans to increase its production by introducing new kinds of sweets this year.

As for export opportunities, the company achieved success in positioning on foreign markets. Now active negotiations are underway to introduce Georgian Barambo to other foreign markets this year.

As of today Barambo is exported to Iraq, Iran, Russia and China.

“Barambo’s products were in high demand on the Iraq market,so we increased the export volume to this country. The company is planning to expand its share of export and enter new markets. We have been actively negotiating with the representatives of several countries so we can introduce Georgian products to foreign consumers,” Nibladze said.

To achieve this goal, Barambo periodically participates in world-leading food fairs. This year Barambo showcased its most delicious products at the world’s premier annual food and hospitality trade event held in Dubai.

Nibladze said Barambo’s products were highly appreciated at the 21stedition of Gulfood2016. The event attracted more than 90,000 visitors from 160 countries.

“Representatives of different countries expressed interest in Barambo products. Currently we are holding negotiations to export Barambo’s production to Dubai as well as to other countries of the Middle East,” Nibladze said.

Founded in 2009, Barambo is the market leader in many of the sorts of products it makes.Barambo is distinguished by its diverse assortment: chocolate bars; chocolate sticks; chocolate sweets; assorted sweets; caramel sweets; ice-creams, etc. Out of so many products, the most popular in Georgia are Barambo Export’s milk chocolate tablet with Tiramisu mousse, with CrèmeBrûlée and chocolate mousse.

After Georgia’s independence, Barambo was the first chocolate and sweet producer to have started production in Georgia on such a big scale. It is unique in the Southern Caucasus in terms of its volume, quality and production technology. Using European technologies and high quality goods from Belgium, permanent control of the production gave the possibility to the company to achieve the standards of the world’s leading countries.

Barambo is a success story of a producer company in Georgia, where trade still remains the main focus of the business community. That’s why the brand is appreciated not only by consumers but by experts as well who name Barambo the Best Chocolate Brand. Barambo has now won the Golden Brand title for the fourth time.