Shvidi - Proud Newcomer to Golden Brand Awards

Shvidi - Proud Newcomer to Golden Brand Awards

Shvidi - Proud Newcomer to Golden Brand Awards

The FINANCIAL -- Shvidi, a local company that has become established in the Transcaucasian market as a major importer and distributor of food ingredients, has just upgraded its visual image, improved the brand’s logo and created a new company - Shvidi Wine.

For the last 21 years the main task of the company has been the introduction, import and realisation of food ingredients, produced by world leading technologies, on the Georgian and Transcaucasian market.

During this time the company has established communication and deepened partnerships with world leading companies. Shvidi has also been providing the Georgian market with high technologies for manufacturing food products due to close cooperation with leading Georgian producers.

Today Shvidi is an exclusive distributor and trading representative in the Transcaucasian area of such well-known companies as: Esarom (Austria); Backaldrin (Austria); Institute Oenologique de Champagne (France); Lallemand (France); ADM (United States); Hobra (Czech Republic); Niche Trading NV (Belgium); Premium Vegetables Oils (Malaysia); ACT (Germany); Marchisio (Italy); Ferrari (Italy); Euroresource (Russia); Pervomaisk Milk Factory (Ukraine); AVK (Ukraine); RTM Agro (France); and, Bakelab (Russia).

After opening a department of food ingredients for meat and meat products in 2002, Shvidi established partnerships with: Shaller (Austria); Nesse (Germany); Van-Hees (Germany); Cutisin (Czech Republic); Zolotoi Fenix (Ukraine), and others.

Nowadays the company has three offices in Tbilisi, and a distribution network throughout the whole of Georgia.

Shvidi offers a variety of ingredients to help make all food more delicious.

For products of soft drinks and juices Shvidi offers concentrates for soft drinks; natural fruit concentrates for produce of juices; nectars and drinks which contain juices; aroma compositions; essences and emulsions for lemonade and aerated drinks; food colours; sweeteners; citric acid; ascorbic acid; natrium benzoate; calium sorbet, etc.

For milk products (yoghurt, sour cream, butter, mayonnaise) and ice-cream - chocolate icing; oils (cocoa, palm); emulsifiers; stabilizers; preservatives; thickeners; fruit additions; glucose and starch syrups; toppings; main components; pastes; powders; aromas; emulsions; all necessary technologies and ingredients for producing drinks based on milk whey and yogurt; natural food colours, etc.

For bread and bakery - yeast; whey additions increasing the quality of flour; wheat mixes; fruit fillings; aromas; original premixes; special whey for brown bread; preservatives; remedies against potato disease; bakery icing; lecithin, etc.

For wine and alcoholic beverages - a broad assortment of substances for fermentation; adsorption of tannin substance; for defecation and filtration: ferments; bentonits; food substance for yeast; pure cultural dry yeast; gelatins; meta acids; kasein; kieselzole; active coals, etc.

For meat and meat products - spices; premixes; soy; starch; aromas; phosphates; caraginans; preservatives; food colours and other raw materials; equipment and installations produced in Germany.

“We offer Malaysian, Indonesian and Ukrainian fats for all branches of the food-processing industry. We also offer high-quality specialised margarines and fats from vegetable oils from Malaysia, Indonesia and Russia for all sectors of the food industry,” said Malkhaz Tvildiani, General Director and co-owner of Shvidi.

Shvidi is also proud to have high skilled technologies and highly professional staff.

Shvidi has recently received the most influential business award in Georgia - Golden Brand.

Q. Could you please summarise the year 2015 and the beginning of 2016?

A. Last year we achieved 12 percent growth in sales. We are quite satisfied with this result however it was less than was planned. The reason is that the tight economic situation in the region had a negative impact on sales volume. The main challenge of 2015 was the currency crisis not only in Georgia but in our largest trade partner countries.

Fortunately, our company has overcome this challenge and met the year 2016 with strong financial indicators. The beginning of the current year has been quite encouraging. We see positive signs of economic recovery in the region’s countries which is reflected in the currency stability of Georgia and our neighbouring countries.

Our plans are very ambitious this year as well and we will reach the planned result this year for sure.

Q. What is the philosophy of Shvidi that guarantees the stable development of the company?

A. We have three main philosophies which help us to steadily develop the company.

First of all, before adding a new product we are undergoing special consultations with world leading specialists in the field. We visit all important exhibitions and prepare staff to professionally offer our service to Georgian producers.

The second thing is that we refuse to offer low-quality production to Georgian producers, and in this way we increase sales. We always try to assure our partners that it is better to choose high quality production and be oriented on long-term profit. We care about the progressive development of the field and are not oriented on short-term profit.

The last thing is that we constantly arrange seminars and trainings in different fields in Georgia as well as abroad. We have invited all interested parties to participate in our trainings with European partners free of charge.

Q. Shvidi won Golden Brand. In your opinion why did the experts name Shvidi a favourite brand?

A. We are more than happy to receive Golden Brand for our successful activities in 2015.

We cooperate with all leading companies operating in the field of the food industry in Georgia and we have partners in Armenia and Azerbaijan as well. Shvidi confirmed that we are reliable and worthy partners which is a big responsibility at the same time.

I think the food industry is developing very fast in Georgia, however we are still far from the world leading countries’ standards. We need to do more as a supplier of ingredients and technologies to improve the direction together with the Georgian producers and state.