Elit Electronics Strengthens Leading Positions On Georgian Market

Elit Electronics Strengthens Leading Positions On Georgian Market

Elit Electronics Strengthens Leading Positions On Georgian Market

The FINANCIAL -- Elit Electronics is continuing its mission to provide advanced technologies and electrical appliances to each family in Georgia with a wide range of technologies produced by world leading brands. Thanks to the utmost success the company achieved throughout 2016, Elit Electronics received a Golden Brand Award, and in doing so became the favourite brand of many.

Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented employees, a responsible approach to business, and collaboration with world-leading brands, Elit Electronics is also further expanding on the Georgian market.

“This year we are opening two stores in Georgia. Meanwhile, last year we opened three new stores. Elit Electronics offers unique concept stores in Georgia, where customers are able to choose their favourite technologies in a very comfortable environment. Thanks to the new stores and developments, the company experienced 15 percent growth in sales last year over 2015,” said Salome Gozalishvili, Head of Marketing Department of Elit Electronics.

“Sales of mobile phones increased by about 30 percent last year and in the small domestic appliances direction sales increased by 20 percent. In terms of profitability the company recorded the highest rates last year,” she added.

 “We have started the year 2017 with ambitious plans and are going to fulfil all of them successfully,” Salome Gozalishvili.

Elit Electronics is continuing to provide the Georgian market with a wide range of technologies produced by world-leading brands. One of the promises is that this year Elit Electronics will offer an exclusive line of the German giant Bosch.

Furthermore, the company will soon add a new service which will enable customers to buy whole kitchen appliances.

“First of all, we have developed the kitchen direction and started cooperation with a leading brand in Israel. As a result we are now ready to offer customers a new service, where they can see kitchen appliance samples at our store at East Point shopping centre, choose their favourite design and the right technology with us,” said Head of Marketing Department Salome Gozalishvili. 

Additionally ‘Kitchen Academy’ will be arranged at Elit Electronics stores where customers will be able to try their favourite technologies on site and make the choice which one is right for them to make purchase.

“In this way we will improve the service standards before and after a customer purchases”; said Gozalishvili who also promised that Elit Electronics would introduce a number of innovative projects this year.

Meanwhile, the company is continuing its mission to expand in the South Caucasus and provide advanced technologies and electrical appliances to each family in the region.

Elit Electronics started its operations on the Georgian consumer market 12 years ago. The area of activities of the company covers retail and wholesale trade with TV sets, audio and video devices, home appliances, computers and cell phones.

Elit Electronics supplies the Georgian market with the latest technologies of the following international brands: Bosch; Apple; Samsung; LG; Sony; Gorenje; Hitachi; Philips; Acer; Lenovo; and Hitachi. Elit Electronics is an authorised partner of Apple and Samsung, exclusive and sole representative of Bosch, Siemens, Gorenje and Hitachi and official retail partner LG in Georgia.

“Today Elit Electronics manages the largest trade network of home appliances on the Georgian market. Supplying the best products, a wide and constantly-updated assortment, warranties and after-sale services, delivery of purchased products and top-quality service - all of these aspects strengthen the name of Elit Electronics on the Georgian market,” said Gozalishvili.

“The company constantly tries to create a comfortable environment for shopping and that is why we are distinguished with high standards of service in Georgia. I think all of these reasons have helped the company to win Golden Brand several times. Elit Electronics has allocated itself as a prestigious brand and company in Georgia,” she added.

“The main advantage of Elit Electronics is that we have multi-brand stores, which means that customers can buy any technology available on the Georgian market. This creates very favourable conditions for our company and gives us a competitive advantage over others. At the same time we are proud to be the exclusive representatives in Georgia of Bosch and Gorenje,” Gozalishvili said.

The company is also proud to offer the best service in Georgia. ‘Elit Service’, which was introduced last year, aims to better serve customers. ‘Elit Service’ was created to provide technical assistance to customers.

This year Elit Electronics started the creative campaign ‘For You Only’, the campaign is oriented on smartphones and computer technologies covering Generation Y. Via this campaign Elit Electronics launched Samsung S8 and Huawei P10 onto the Georgian market.

“The main idea of the campaign is the fast technological development in the XXI century, when the robots are created, but no matter how robots develop, humans will still remain perfect and unique creatures. That is why human possibilities and feelings play a special role in the process of the introduction of new technologies,” said Gozalishvili.

“The goal of our campaign is to offer young and ambitious customers a product that is suitable for them in terms of functionality. Elit Electronics is the first company on the Georgian market in terms of sales of IT technologies and smartphones. So we have much to say in this direction,” she added.

Gozalishvili promised that Elit Electronics will continue deepening ties with its customers and offering huge development in their shopping experience.