LC Waikiki to Beautify Homes in Georgia with its New Line - LCW Home Textile

LC Waikiki to Beautify Homes in Georgia with its New Line - LCW Home Textile

LC Waikiki to Beautify Homes in Georgia with its New Line - LCW Home Textile

The FINANCIAL -- Global clothing brand LC Waikiki, offering accessible fashion for fashion lovers in Georgia with its mission ‘Everyone deserves to dress well’, is now greeting customers with a new face in the form of LCW Home Textile.

From 2017 homes in Georgia will be beautified by LCW Home Textile, including different concepts appealing to every style and budget. LCW Home will plan to meet the entire needs of a house, from the kitchen to bathroom, bedroom to living room.

In addition, the company is also planning to introduce two more stores in Georgia this year.

“This year we have already opened the eighth store of LC Waikiki in Tbilisi [the capital of Georgia]. We also opened one store in Batumi [the Black Sea resort town in Georgia] in May this year. Opening these stores helped us to increase our sales volume. We have many loyal customers after five years of operations in Georgia. The main goal of our company is to meet our customers’ needs,” said LC Waikiki Director of Georgia and Armenia Giorgi Dalalishvili.

Sales increased by 42 percent in 2016 compared to 2015. This year the company is expecting a higher sales volume thanks to new stores and more customers.

Expanding in the Georgian market was also a priority for the company in 2016, during which LC Waikiki opened two new stores in Tbilisi - one on Pekini Avenue and the other in the City Mall shopping centre.

Waikiki is available in Georgia’s most important markets, such as Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi and Kutaisi, which is the third largest city in Georgia.

Born in France and fostered in Turkey, LC Waikiki is a multi-cultural fashion brand with global appeal. LC Waikiki entered Georgia five years ago and the business has been successfully developing since then. The clothing brand has managed to become established in the Georgian retail business.

Designed with comfort in mind, LC Waikiki offers clothes and accessories for men, women and children of all ages, including babies.

“The largest share (or 40 percent) of the sales volume is comprised of the children’s segment. In general, the affordable price, high quality and wide choice of our collection are the factors that determine the popularity of LC Waikiki in Georgia,” said Dalalishvili.

Customers are able to enjoy updated collections every week. All collections are delivered from Turkey.

About 3,000-5,000 people visit LC Waikiki’s stores in Georgia on a daily basis. Dalalishvili said that the number of customers is increasing in relation to the number of new stores that LC Waikiki has.

As of today LC Waikiki holds one third of Georgia’s market-space thanks to its 11 stores on the market.

LC Waikiki is a proud winner of the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia - Golden Brand, for the third year in a row. Dalalishvili explained that the utmost success which LC Waikiki achieved in 2016 has not gone unnoticed by the more than 100 local experts who recognised the company as Golden Brand worthy.

“The year 2016 was very successful for the company. Our main challenge was to bring the brand closer to customers. That is why we opened more stores in the country. This way we have created more comfort for our customers,” said Dalalishvili.

“This year LC Waikiki won Golden Brand for the third time. The reason for winning Golden Brand is the right management and hard work of each employee of the company. Different factors such as inflation have not affected the price and quality of LC Waikiki production. In this way we have ensured stability for our customers and proved once again our belief in the main motto of our company, which is ‘Everyone deserves to dress well’,” he added.

LC Waikiki is also positioned in Armenia where the brand entered in 2015. As Dalalishvili said, LC Waikiki has been becoming a favourite brand in Armenia as well.

“LC Waikiki has gained the loyalty of customers in Armenia in the shortest period of time. Accordingly, annual turnover and company income have been increasing in Armenia year after year. This allows us to open more stores in this country. Turnover in Armenia exceeded the planned 14 percent growth for 2016,” said Dalalishvili.

LC Waikiki is also very actively involved in PR and marketing campaigns in both countries.

During 2016, the company was cooperating with different TV channels in Georgia such as ‘Iberia’, ‘Maestro’ and ‘Rustavi 2’.

This year the company will continue its cooperation with TV channels to promote its collection among customers.