Zarapxana to Promote Rich Georgian Jewellery Traditions Abroad

Zarapxana to Promote Rich Georgian Jewellery Traditions Abroad

Zarapxana to Promote Rich Georgian Jewellery Traditions Abroad

The FINANCIAL -- Zarapxana, the leading jewellery manufacturing company in Georgia, is continuing to bring new life to the country’s centuries-old jewellery traditions and further promote them beyond Georgia.

Zarapxana also intends to broaden its chain by opening a new shop in the capital Tbilisi. Furthermore, the company is taking actions to improve its existing collections as well as create new ones.

The company currently operates five fashionable shops in Georgia, which are visited by about 10,000 customers. These stores offer a rich choice of collections, including: a bridal collection; a church collection; souvenirs created based on the motifs of antiquities found at Georgian archaeological excavations, such as lions, deer, rams, etc; and the Mtskheta collection, which is inspired by the exhibits kept in this ancient city of Georgia.

“Right now we are working on a unique collection, which will be the new word in art jewellery by combining Zarapxana’s refined style with artistic taste,” said Ketevan Gognadze, Director of Zarapxana.

Meanwhile, Zarapxana plans to open a training centre in the jewellery field, which will be the first of its kind in Transcaucasia.

“We are actively involved in restoring and reviving the ancient jewellery technological processes such as filigree, dewing, and drawing on stone. We also plan to open a Museum of Jewellery, where the best samples of Georgian jewellery goods will be showcased. Georgian as well as foreign visitors will be welcomed at the Museum,” she said.

Zarapxana has been making all these efforts since a new management group came to the company, starting a new stage of development for the company.

“In 2016-2017 a new management group started running Zarapxana and accordingly, we have changed the direction of the company and the way it is positioned on the market. We are in the process of renewing and improving the technological process which is directly linked to the company’s strategic plans. These plans are developing the corporate segment and presenting the Zarapxana brand abroad,” said Gognadze.

“We will introduce an original loyalty programme in the nearest future, which will be a novelty not only for Zarapxana but for the whole of Georgia’s jewellery field,” she added.

Refined jewellery goods built upon the best jewellery traditions is something that was highly appreciated by the more than 100 experts which named Zarapxana a Golden Brand winner company this year.

“Our goal is to maintain the number one position in the Georgian jewellery market through our energetic work and distinctive products, to make the outcome of our hard work desirable for each of our customers,” Gognadze said.

Q. What is Zarapxana’s contribution to developing Georgia’s jewellery market?

A. Our mission is complicated as well as pleasant. Since 1939 Zarapxana has been preserving and developing the jewellery heritage of Georgia.

Using natural and precious, as well as semiprecious and un-precious stones, Zarapxana creates its gold, silver and copper jewellery based upon the best jewellery traditions.

In spite of fruitfully implementing those traditions and adhering to the rich historical heritage, Zarapxana never fails to be up-to-date. This refers to both aspects of jewellery pursuit: the manufacturing techniques as well as the product design.

While creating a new collection Zarapxana also takes fashion trends into account, and as a result creates contemporary jewellery perfectly seasoned with national elements.

Moreover, Zarapxana offers different kinds of exclusive services to its customers. We started collaboration with local fashion designer Irakli Nasidze, who designed a special collection for Zarapxana based on the motif of birds. This was the first precedent, but the company plans to continue collaborations with other famous Georgian designers.

In general, the collection at Zarapxana is renewed twice a year.

Q. What are the service standards that are introduced by Zarapxana? How are customers welcomed at Zarapxana stores?

A. Zarapxana has been in the service of developing Georgian jewellery culture for several decades. Customers are always met by very friendly and experienced professionals who are always ready to help them.

Zarapxana offers its customers exclusive services, like for example an individual service, where customers are able to create their ‘dream jewellery’. Customers can create their own designs and concept by themselves or with the help of our professional advisors, who will make some changes to our initial designs.

At Zarapxana stores the customers are served by highly qualified, professional consultants. 

Today, about 100 people work at Zaraxpana. The company constantly cares about improving their skills. Periodically, we invite local or international consultants to share their experience with our staff. Also, our employees often participate in international jewellery exhibitions where they catch up on the latest trends and developments of the industry.

At the same time, we have also shared our experience with guests from European and Asian countries.

Q. As of today Zarapxana offers 10 different collections to customers and among them is a kids collection. Which jewellery is the most liked by children?

A. Creating the kids collection has its own special history. The inspiration for the collection is a 12-year-old girl, who had the idea of creating the kids collection with her beautiful sketches. The collection was created in 2008 and is one of the most popular ones. The collection is very cute due to its universal design which is its main concept.


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