Leader-Bet Wins Golden Brand Award

Leader-Bet Wins Golden Brand Award

The FINANCIAL -- Leader-Bet, Georgia’s leading online gambling company, has won a Golden Brand Award for the utmost success the company achieved in 2017.

Over 100 experts and customers participated in the survey that revealed Leader-Bet as the N1 online gambling company in Georgia.

Leader-Bet has been operating on the Georgian market since 2008.

Initially Leader-Bet was represented on the market with just a couple of land-based totalizators, though by popular demand from society, the company broadened the scope of its activity since 2010 and, along with land-based totalizators, offers an online totalizator and casino to its users.

Currently, the company owns land-based totalizators and slot clubs Georgia-wide in all major cities and regions and ranks first in terms of volume among other totalizators.

In this interview Marketing Manager Gega Kalmakhelidze highlighted the progress Leader-Bet made during the past 10 years and thanked the Golden Brand team for this award.

Q. Leader-Bet has won a Golden Brand and become the N1 online gambling company in Georgia. What are your thoughts on this award and the recognition it represents?

A. We have been leaders since entering the Georgian market as we constantly try to create such an environment that gives more comfort to clients; to offer more innovative online gambling games and some exclusive ones such as Volt, Spin Poker, Spin Bura, Spin Domino and many others.

We are very proud to receive a Golden Brand. I want to say that such positive feedback from experts and customers is very important to us.

Q. Can you tell us briefly about the history of Leader-Bet?

A. Leader-Bet has been operating on the Georgian market since 2008. The company has been developing for 10 years and has made significant progress since then.

We started our activities with just a couple of so-called land-based totalizators, while Leader-Bet has since grown into a company with 35 branches.

Our website is being updated on a daily basis, as is our online chat, in order to meet all the requirements of the modern digital industry.

Q. What are Leader-Bet’s plans for the future?

A. As you know, the 2018 World Cup is taking place now which is a major event. Within the scope of the World Cup we are offering a number of gifts such as a flat in the Black Sea resort town of Batumi, some of the latest Porsche models, cash prizes as well as salaries.



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