Nikora XL Supermarkets Making an Impression among Customers in Georgia

Nikora XL Supermarkets Making an Impression among Customers in Georgia

Nikora XL Supermarkets Making an Impression among Customers in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- The Nikora supermarket chain is continuing its development in Georgia, opening the largest supermarkets in XL format in various cities of the country, where customers are able to find a wide range of products in a distinctive environment.

In May of this year alone, Nikora opened 15 new, sophisticated trading facilities in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, one in Batumi, one in Gori, one in Kutaisi, and one it Tskneti.

The first supermarket chain of Nikora was established back in 2000. Ever since, the chain has expanded and continued to cover Georgia’s territory with its branches.

Currently, Nikora is represented on the Georgian market by having the largest chain of over 250 of its own supermarkets.

Nikora supermarkets have over 8,000 sorts of products currently in circulation. The highest quality, range of diversity, freedom of choice, maximal comfort and affordable prices are the main advantage of Nikora supermarkets.

“We are constantly renewing the assortment available in our network. We are trying to offer different products in order to offer an alternative to our customers. Nikora is working hard to develop its service on a daily basis. Our main goal has always been to offer qualified service from our consultants. We are fully responsible for all the products purchased at our stores; that they are of a high quality and meet their shelf life. Besides the variety of products, we have the ambition to be associated with high quality service. We work hard to keep this niche,” said David Urushadze, Director General of Nikora Supermarket Chain.

“Despite the development of modern supermarkets in Georgia, there are still cases when consumers have to check shelf life when purchasing a product. We are proud that at our stores consumers are free from having to worry about that, in both the dairy and meat aisles,” Urushadze said.

Consumers’ appreciation of the Nikora supermarket chain has been underlined by winning a Golden Brand 2017 Award.

“The Golden Brand award has become a tradition for the Nikora supermarket chain. Nikora has become the N1 supermarket chain in Georgia and we are very proud of this title and award.

Q. Nikora supermarket got involved in the ‘I Need a Sock’ campaign. Can you tell us about this campaign and Nikora’s involvement?

A. Celebrating the International Day of Down syndrome, Nikora Supermarket got involved in the ‘I Need a Sock’ campaign.

The campaign is in support of “Gigo’s Foundation”.

The foundation was created by Gigo Shiukashvili, founder of the Association of Down Syndrome of Georgia, which aims to support children with Down syndrome.

Through the campaign, by purchasing a pair of cheerful, colourful socks in one of Nikora’s branches, customers contributed to support for people with Down syndrome.

A bowling tournament also took place in honour of this day, in which the employees of Nikora Supermarket also participated.

Q. Besides Golden Brand, what other awards does Nikora supermarket own?

A. In the nomination – local production, the largest network in Georgia, new jobs, effective management – Nikora supermarket network became the winner and now owns the National Business Award for 2017.