womenwork.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Throughout the 20th century, most of Europe has grown to accept and welcome women in the workplace.  The attitude becomes little less feminist as you travel east, however. Areas like East Europe, the Caucuses, and Turkey still have more traditional values than their central and northern counterparts.  Georgia presents somewhat unique opinions, though.

alonbenmeir.pngIn my last article I surveyed as impartially as I could the position of the various countries that might be affected by the interim deal recently forged between Iran and the P5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany).

research.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- When a country engages in scientific research, the fruits are harvested by the whole of humanity.

The FINANCIAL -- In the wake of the interim nuclear deal with Iran, many questions have been raised by people from different backgrounds, government officials, and the media inside and outside the Middle East about the validity and importance of the agreement.

weddingicon.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Georgians have more traditional views on marriage than most every other European country, and have one of the highest marriage rates.

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