Christmas Time is Money

Christmas Time is Money

Christmas Time is Money

watches.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Time is money, especially if told by a Swiss watch during Christmas shopping. Just a glance at the price tag through the luxury watch shop windows and the saying comes true no matter whether you’re in Switzerland, London, Paris, Berlin, Prague or Tbilisi.


“Tissot could be regarded the best-sellers in 2007. By 2008 Arttime will add two new brands: Giorgio Armani and Longines. Although Swatch and Calvin Klein watches as well as jewelry have become much more demanded lately,” Nina Talakvadze, Arttime Marketing Manager, told The FINANCIAL.


Arttime, a wholesaler and retailer of Swiss watch and jewelry brands, was founded in 1999 in Georgia. The company presents world brands like: Swatch, Swatch Bijoux, Flik Flak, ck watch and jewelry, Tissot, Rado, Raymond Weil, Doxa and Wenger.


Flik-Flak kids brand by Swatch is the cheapest offer at Arttime, the price of which starts as low as GEL 60 whereas the price of the most expensive brand- Tissot- Heritage hits as high as GEL 11 340.

Flik Flak, the names of the two hands of the watches, have been ticking for kids since 1987. They are the main actors in a training concept that enables kids from the age of four onwards to understand clock time. Flik Flak, the Swiss high-quality watch for kids, is based on a teaching concept developed with the help of pedagogues and psychologists.

As for a rather older brand, Tissot embodies more than 150 years of innovation and Swiss watch making tradition. World leader in the traditional Swiss watch segment, its mission is to offer to a wide public a range of high quality timepieces at affordable prices.

Based in Le Locle in Switzerland and present in more than 150 countries around the world, Tissot has been, since 1983, a member of the Swatch Group, the biggest watch producer and distributor in the world.

“Swatch is a brand mostly focused on modern design that could perfectly fit the taste of fun-loving youth,” claimed Talakvadze.

In 1983, in Switzerland , Swatch was born. To win friends it needs to be attractive, cheeky and good fun, daring in design and aggressively priced, with high quality and innovative flair. Designers and artists - interpreters of their time, emissaries of an age, conjurers of originality - have merged their efforts with the high-tech requirements of a truly revolutionary watch.

“Arttime is directly supplied from Switzerland. We’re the exclusive retailers of: Tissot, Raymond Weil, ck, Doxa and Rado and indeed Swatch. Raymond Weil and Doxa sold at Arttime are the only brands that are not included in the 19 brands united under Swatch Group,” said Talakvadze.

Arttime owns six stores and operates several POS in Tbilisi.


“We have a Tissot Shop in Shop at the GTC trade centre and in addition have just launched a Swatch mobile shop, the so-called Swatcholino.


“Albatros and Cardinal offer more luxury brands while Arttime has a far more diversified portfolio affordable to a broader segment of the population,” said Talakvadze. 

“The most important news about Albatros Presents in 2007 was the launch of Faberge,”


As a luxury firm producing items encrusted with diamonds and inlaid with gold - Vertu might easily be compared to a high-class jewellery or watch brand. Albatros Presents is the right place where you can find both luxury watches and Vertu mobile phones.


“Christmas shopping at Albatros both in respect of: Vertu mobile phones and watches by various of the world’s luxury manufacturers is expected to be very intensive,” Nina Asatiani, Brand Manager, told The FINANCIAL.


Albatros Presents, owned by Vake-5 Holding Ltd - an official representative centre of Vertu in Georgia, started Vertu distribution in 2004. Albatros Presents is directly supplied from the Vertu Headquarters in London. Today the shop sells around 25 other luxury brands including the following: Faberge, Mont Blanc, Dupont, Chopard, Montegrappa, Franck Muller, Omega and Vertu. Vake-5 Holding Ltd was founded 14 years ago.


According to Asatiani, the best seller watch is Frederique Constant and Vertu model -Constellation.


Vertu is represented in the following CIS countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and Tajikistan.


All Vertu products are hand-crafted in factories in the United Kingdom and Germany. The Vertu product lines include: Signature Collection - the first Vertu product line, Ascent, Constellation, Aerius and these Special editions - Diamond, Python, and Cobra.


“Cardinal further forming of the civilized market of Swiss watches in Georgia”


Founded in 1997, Cardinal presents about 200 classic, sportive and design models of Swiss watches in a wide price range.


“Best seller watch brands are: Candino and Atlantic sold for an average price of GEL 500-600. As for the luxury one its Zenith, the most expensive model of which that we sell costs EUR 37 000,” said the company.


Cardinal presents the following Swiss watch brands: Zenith, Omega, Longines, Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior, Atlantic and Candino.


“Our main principles are further forming of the civilized market of Swiss watches in Georgia and providing our customers with the maximal choice and best service,” said the company.