The Navel - Favourite Tattoo and Piercing Part of the Body in Georgia

The Navel - Favourite Tattoo and Piercing Part of the Body in Georgia

The Navel - Favourite Tattoo and Piercing Part of the Body in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- The navel appears to be the favourite part of the body for tattooing and piercing in Georgia.


“Navel tattoos have become highly popular lately, especially the boom demand in summer when Femina had 7-8 tattoo clients a week,” Irma Askurava, Femina beauty salon tattoo specialist with 7 years of experience in the field, told The FINANCIAL.


According to Askurava, men and women seem to be equally interested in covering particular parts of their bodies with nice symbols.


“As for tattoos, the most popular images are flowers and Chinese characters. Both women and men often choose religious pictures like a cross and fire. We have special tattoo catalogues from which the clients can choose the image they like most but sometimes people come in with individual orders and bring very beautiful and creative concepts,” noted Askurava.


In Askurava’s words, tattoo prices depend on the size, shape, and colour of the mark. The smallest tattoo, which is the size of a match box, costs GEL 100 in black and white and GEL 165 in colour.


“Nowadays there are hundreds of beauty salons in the city, half of which provide the service of tattoo making. Although only a few of them offer professional tattoo services. At Femina we use high quality natural paint imported from Moscow.


In Askurava’s word’s, temporary tattoos are made by Ina paint and clients can choose whether they want the picture to remain on their bodies for 2 or 4 weeks.


Real ‘tattoo fans’ can be found abroad. Lane Jensen, a body art enthusiast, has had two small breast implants surgically inserted into his leg, to make a tattoo of a buxom beauty appear more real in all the right areas.


“You don’t surprise anybody with ear piercings today. However naval piercings have become very popular in Georgia and are nowadays made at a number of beauty salons in the country and in the capital especially. No matter whether it’s a navel, eyebrow or lip piercing, it should be done by a professional to avoid complications from following,” Guga Kuzanov, GINN Director, told The FINANCIAL.